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We did it again: Vigevano, Lombardia (IT)
We did it again: Vigevano, Lombardia (IT)

We did it again: Vigevano, Lombardia (IT)

This time we took the Girls on a one-day trip to get the new season off to a great start. We left Milano by bike to get to Vigevano and Kayak on the Ticino River!


Start from Milan

It was amazing to meet all the Girls on the Navigli. It was clear from the beginning that the group was very diverse: ages, backgrounds, and life experiences! Nothing better! All the girls were pretty excited, some of them even a bit anxious to have all these new first experiences. But fears got quickly put aside because Together is possible! That’s when we wore our GWO t-shirts and went off on our adventure.

We cycled through mesmerizing landscapes and locations: rice and corn fields were blooming at this time of the year, surrounding us with a breath-taking view. We ride for a bit more than anticipated, making a diversion to stop in Morimondo, a picturesque little town with an abbey worth the additional Km. We had a nice break, had coffee, drank water, and once again went up on our bikes. Our direction: Vigevano!


Arrival in Vigevano

Once in Vigevano, we met with the other girls waiting for us. The group grew bigger: it was eleven of us! We were all extremely curious about each other: everyone was very open and very interested. Conversations were starting everywhere! We all sat in a circle in the shades of a nice three and had a well-deserved lunch.

After lunch, we started with an exercise called Boxed Breathing to calm our bodies and gain some focus. Then we proceeded with the Vision Board exercise to visualize our Goals, Objectives, and Desires for ourselves and our lives. Although it may seem simple, starting can be quite challenging: clearing the clutter of thoughts by cherry-picking the right ones. During this time, everyone was very focused and silent. We encouraged the Girls to start by focusing on their life values and priorities to help them successfully conduct the exercise. At the end of it, some of the girls showed their Vision Boards to the group! It was mesmerizing to watch a group of women who had never met each other before open up about such private and delicate issues. There were a lot of very cool thoughts about life and projects for the very next future!


Down on the Ticino River!

After such a quiet and calming experience we moved onto the Ticino River, where the Aqqua Organization welcomed us in their spot and entrusted us to two guides. They took their time before getting in the water to explain the theory first. After that, We finally jumped in the water with our Kayaks and practiced what they just told us. Our first half-hour, for our safety, was spent in a spot of flat and slow water. Then we started our adventure! 

It’s been a joyful experience with the guides telling us about the local Flora and Fauna and the perfect weather to enjoy all of it. We went down the river at a calm pace until we reached the spot chosen by the guides. They taught us about the safety rules and behaviors to adopt in case of a fall in the water, especially one with a powerful flow. 

We then got back to the Kayaks and got off to the end of our journey.

By the end of the day, everyone was pleased, joyful, and understandably tired. We all thanked each other, the guides, the Aqqua organization that hosted us, took few more pictures, and said our Goodbyes.  

Some of us decided to get back to Milan by train, some other by car. But the real Sheroes were the two girls who decided to cycle back, headed by our Founder Bianca.

What a great day! It was just a one-day trip but long enough for us to be enthusiasts about our growing, strong, female Community!

See you soon Girls!

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