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Walking within you: Experience in the Swiss Mountain (CH)
Walking within you: Experience in the Swiss Mountain (CH)

Walking within you: Experience in the Swiss Mountain (CH)

You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you – or unmaking you.”

Nicolas Bouvier

We left Milan on a sunny Saturday morning, arriving in Engadine fascinated by the beautiful view of the great lakes.

We parked and immediately launched ourselves into this weekend of adventure!

As if we already knew each other, we talked about our life, our adventures, immersed in the beauty of the forest that is starting to prepare for autumn.

As soon as we sit down for lunch, one of the girls says “I want to change my life”, sharing her emotions, her aspirations in this safe space. The rest of us were ready to listen, a very rare activity nowadays.

We enjoyed the warm sun on our skin for another while and then continued on our walk, which flows into an open valley called Val Roseg.

From that point on, the walk becomes a little more challenging, and we were immersed in the beauty and our thoughts.

Step by step, walking, also exploring ourselves and our thoughts, we arrived on the moraine, from which looking out we had the view over the whole glacier.

There was still a while to go to the mountain hut, but it seemed to be a lot, and each step was slower. Calmly we finally arrived and enjoyed the last lights on the incredible view of the glacier.

We laughed and joked, sharing the unique beauty of that moment, we felt more and more light.

After a moment of rest, we went down to dinner, in a nice mountain atmosphere. Later, we enjoyed the moonlight that illuminated the valley to do a short meditation before sleeping.

Sleeping was not easy at that altitude, and we got out of bed early to take advantage of the following day. The forecast was bad so we started to descend almost immediately to avoid the rain in the most vertical section.

We stopped for a break at a halfway shelter that had a beautiful collection of cakes and it was right there, as we said goodbye to our donkey friends, where the rain caught us. So calmly, we walked in the rain in the forest, listening to the ticking, enjoying the scent of that enchanted forest.

There were few people around, which made everything more magical.

After reaching the car, we went to have lunch and warm up in a nice sauna. We dedicated ourselves to the exercise of “gratefulness” (write at least 10 things you are grateful for) and then share thoughts with others.

Until the next time girls!

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