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When was the Last Time You Tried Something For the First Time: Sicily (IT)
When was the Last Time You Tried Something For the First Time: Sicily (IT)

When was the Last Time You Tried Something For the First Time: Sicily (IT)

We landed in Palermo and we could already breathe the air of beautiful Sicily.

After we met, we jumped in the car to head towards the Stagnone.

With music and air in our hair, we drove through the beautiful and lush Sicilian countryside.
Arriving at the kite spot, the girls immediately started the theoretical basic course while we waited for the wind to arrive.

The wind has arrived and it was also very strong! So immediately we jumped into the water to try to handle the kite.
For the first time, the wonderful feeling of handling the wind.

Later that day, we reached our beautiful house, in the center of the old village of Birgi, where, after a healthy dinner, we made a “truth circle” telling us about our limits, listening to us, and thinking about ways to overcome them.

The next day a good wind came and the girls were in the water for about three hours! A great thrill to manage the wind with the kite and start standing on the board (water start).

In the afternoon we took a nice walk at sunset to the island of Mozia, enjoying the beautiful lights that were reflected on the sea, and then we drove to Marsala for dinner and discovery of the nice town.

Unfortunately, on the third day, the wind went away, so in the impossibility of kiting, we focused on our goals within a year, trying to focus on a strategy for how to get them, also focusing on trying something for the first time, to get out of our comfort zone.

In the afternoon, for the first time for Chiara, we went for a horse ride, first in a beautiful park and finally in the sea at sunset: what a thrill!

Last night there was a big storm that kept us awake, but being together helped us! On the last day, we took a trip to Mazara del Vallo, where it looked like it was the first day of summer and we went swimming without a wetsuit.

Finally, in the afternoon, before leaving, we visited Segesta, a beautiful ageless Greek temple that stands out over the Sicilian countryside.

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