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Fly on the Water: Kite Surf Camp
Fly on the Water: Kite Surf Camp

Fly on the Water: Kite Surf Camp

18-22/05/2022 In collaboration with Kite Girls Italia,  Stagnone Kite Boarding and Sunset Wave resort 

We landed on Wednesday at Trapani airport and already a nice wind was waiting for us.  Valentina, our guide, took us straight to the spot where we met up with the other girls. The school had the girls out in individual lessons on a rotating basis. 

Elena is learning how to tinker the kite, Anna Paola is starting to get up on the board, Germana is starting toeside turns, Roberta is only going out on her lunch break because she is on teleworking, while Floriana with her enthusiasm is supervising the girls. 

In the evening we had a fantastic yoga session taught by Roberta. 

Afterwards Bianca gave a “values recognition” workshop, that is, “introducing yourself by saying who you are, without talking about where you come from, your family or professional situation, but only about your values, that is, telling who you really are, inside.” 

Sunset at MammaCaura

This was followed by a very good dinner at a local trattoria. 

We woke up on Thursday with a great desire to get into the water. A full windy day that the girls enjoyed to the fullest. In the morning we were joined by Mario the photographer, who got Floriana and Anna out for some fantastic jumps, and teaching some to the others as well: Out of the comfort zone!

After a cool lunch, we were back in the water for an endless afternoon. 

After the sessions, directly after kiting we headed for drinks at MammaCaura’s, admiring the stunning sunset on the salt flats. 

No wind day in Sicily

Unfortunately, even in the kitesurfing retreats there are “no wind days,” but on Friday they were all quite happy to be a little quiet from the great physical work done up to the previous days. We took the opportunity to take the day easy and discover one of the beautiful nearby beaches, and by holding a “visualisation” workshop: visualise yourself in 5 years and draw backwards a map of how to get to what you would like. 

In the evening we went on a guided tour of the beautiful Cantine Fina wineries, from which we could see the whole stagnone and the Aegadian islands with a breathetaking sunset. 

On the last day, waiting for the wind to arrive, we had a yoga class that worked us up.  The wind came but a little light, which allowed the girls to refine their techniques and try safety exercises. 

In the afternoon we had our last very relaxing yoga practice and afterwards we all did a “gratefulness” workshop together: share 3 things you are grateful for these days. 

Before dinner there was also a draw for the beautiful “Punto e a capo” bikini, Annapaola’s line dedicated to creating fashion products for water sports: beautiful! 

We closed the camp with a beautiful dinner together with all our teachers as well, and the next day was time for goodbyes, until next time!

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