We are a Community of Women who support and spur each others on to get out of our comfort zone and get free in the World through Sports in Nature
Girls Skate Club
Girls Skate Club

Girls Skate Club

22/05/2022 In collaboration with SbandaBrianza

A full day of great skate fun at Skate Park Plaza in Seregno (near Milan). 

In the morning, the newly arrived girls had “freeskate” lessons in a reserved part of the skate park. There were about 30 people, music with a DJ set and a nice atmosphere. 

It was hard for the girls to get a foothold with this activity at first, but then motivated by the group and good energy, they got out of their comfort zone to try something different! 

During the afternoon, we instead witnessed the “skate dancing” contest. For a minute, the more experienced girls danced on their skateboards-a real ballet! We loved being inspired by them in their passion. 

We ended the day with an “aperitivo” all together to celebrate the day!

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