We are a Community of Women who support and spur each others on to get out of our comfort zone and get free in the World through Sports in Nature
Girls Went Out
Be part of the GirlsWentOut Community!

Be part of the GirlsWentOut Community!

Girls Went Out is a community of women where we get out of our comfort zone and get free in the world.

Our Mission

What we want to achieve:

  • Free ourselves from gender bias: Society is full of gender-biased limitations that try to put women in the corner and narrow their perspectives and we want to change that!
  • Be our own idol: Growing up many of us had a hard time finding female role models to follow. In our community, we want to support each other to become an example for ourselves and the next generations.
  • Risk & surprise ourselves: GWO wants to empower women and support them discover their power within, to prove and surprise themselves. 

Our values represent our community:

  • Together is better: We believe the path for women to change the world is built by supporting one another
  • Overcoming our fears: Building on the reality of the shared experience of womanhood we want to create a female community to support and spur each other on to face our fears and take control of our reality. 
  • Always learning, always growing: GWO is a safe environment to grow, unlearn what we’ve been taught and doesn’t fit us, and push each other to overcome our limits.
  • Embrace the divine feminine within: Explore our own divine, be able to appreciate it 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone: We believe that the magic happens out of our comfort zone, but sometimes we are scared to take the risk to go there. Together, we push each other to do that and repeat the process in any life situation in which we feel stuck. 
  • Nature first: Nature is where we all belong, where we recharge our batteries. We are daughters of Nature, the Divine Feminine par excellence, and so we want to recreate moments of peace in Nature. We respect Nature in all forms.  

How we want to achieve our goals:

  • By building a strong female community 
  • Through outdoor sports: they generate endorphins, help us to push our limits and let us become one with Nature
  • By travelling: getting in touch with new cultures and ways of seeing the world can open our mind to the unexpectable! 

Our Team

Bianca – Founder

Sports has helped me to get out of my comfort zone. It is where the magic happens and where I want to bring other women

How can you participate to Girls Went Out ?

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The community is open to all the woman and people considering themselves as a woman, from everywhere to every age !

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We are always happy to meet people who share the same values and interests, to create new projects.

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We are a community which grows up by its members. Thanks to follow us on social medias and talk about us to your mother, your sister or your friends !