We are a Community of Women who support and spur each others on to get out of our comfort zone and get free in the World through Sports in Nature
Girls Went Out


Self achievement through coaching.

Self Achievement is a life long path. At Girls Went Out, we propose some triggers to our community to evolve to the next step of their lives and become aware of all their opportunities. A trigger can be an adventure, a new feeling, a meeting, a workshop, the special power of women groups…

We collaborate with professional coaches and therapists to accompany women in all our adventures, workshop and events.

What is coaching for us ?

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. A coach supports, guides, and empowers rather than teaches you.  In fact, coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them.

The concept of coaching comes from the sport culture : the coach pushes you beyond your physical limits to achieve what really matters to you.

At Girls Went Out, we have a holistic conception of coaching : we support women to achieve their full potential through continuous coaching, adventures, workshops

Our coaching activities

At Girls Went Out, we have a holistic conception of coaching : an accompanied experience to help you to develop yourself by yourself.

We have developed a proper coaching program with experts and we have realized that coaching can take different forms and activities.

To achieve the goals that have been set together with your coach, one goes through tailored coaching exercises, awareness, meditation, energetic healing, women circles, sector workshops, online conferences, art therapy, Hypnose, and many more…

Who are our coaches ?

Our coaches are amazing women who will help and support you, identify and reach your dreams and goals! They are all professional coaches and therapist and they have all been through a Girls Went Out on-boarding.

Are you coach, yoga teacher, therapist … ?

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