We are a Community of Women who support and spur each others on to get out of our comfort zone and get free in the World through Sports in Nature
Girls Went Out
Become one of our coaches

Become one of our coaches

Personal development is a path we walk throughout our whole life.

At Girls Went Out, our Goal is to offer women the triggers they need to move onto the next step of their life and achieve their full potential. We believe a trigger can be an adventure, a workshop, experiencing a new feeling, meeting someone new, the energy you feel when surrounded by supporting women…

Are you interested in being one of our coaches ?

Who we are looking for

  • Women keen to organise an adventure (either a weekend or a full week)
  • Women with the professional skills to lead a self-development activity for a group of women (Example: life coach or business coach, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, theater teacher, art therapy, etc. )
  • Women with professional skills to lead an outdoor sport activity for a group of women (Example: ski instructor, photography teacher, sailing instructor, hiking guide, surf instructor, etc.)
  • Women experienced in leading a retreat (or with the necessary skills to organize it) 

What we’re looking for: 

  • Passion! To share what you love with other women and help them to overcome their fears
  • You underestand the project of Girls Went Out and share our same values

We collaborate with coaches

At Girls Went Out, we believe everyone has the power to harness their potential and take control over their life, but sometimes we need a guide or the experience of someone that has been through a similar path. That’s why we are looking for coaches who have developed a personal approach, and specific topics and goals. We are looking for authenticity, not a list of exercises.

Each collaboration with a coach or therapist will create a new adventure, a boost towards a new direction.

There are two ways of working with us:

  • As a coach, or activity leader : you will be in charge of one or several sessions during the trip / workshop as a freelance
  • As a coach & organizer :
    • you’ll lead one or several session of coaching during the trip
    • you will be the one leading the trip for the whole duration. GWO will assist you in every step of th logistic and organisational phase, and help you to reach as many women as possible.

Welcome on board !

To ensure our Girls with the best experiences and adventures, all our coaches will have to follow an onboarding phase, to be aligned with our values and our modus operandi.

Last but not least, we are planning on making GirlsWentOut. a platform for coaches to meet and exchange experiences. You will be introduced to many cool people all over the world!

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